Drayker is here to help you organize and resolve issues through Dk-based platform and ecosystem-supported projects and applications. Functioning as a general purpose unified computing and internet platform focused on human organization.

The organization that gives its name to the autonomous ecosystem responsible for carrying out the main projects.

Our ecosystem will ensure support for the needs and growth of Drayker and our volunteers in the future.

The massive collaboration protocol and building paradigm that forms the framework of our technology and the way we organize ourselves. With him the whole world can work together toward a common goal.

For starters, we are getting organized on git hub and other third party tools that have helped us have the foundation and experience to build our massive collaboration platform.

Our general artificial intelligence, with BSDK and DFM architecture, will take human organization to another level. No more worrying about automation for the future, Drayker and Dk will bring a whole new way of organizing and creating. There will be no shortage of things to do.

The Drayker is a unified intelligence, organization and computing system, being a stand-alone alternative to the essential systems of the future.

Drayker comes from the idea that we can go beyond things, that we can do more with less, we can evolve for the better and solve problems that we believe are impossible to solve. All of this is possible under the right conditions of organization and action. Humanity has immense potential that we plan to unlock and cultivate.

Advisers are groups of volunteers with different levels of specialization and integration with Drayker. They work as small intelligence agencies, specialists who make recommendations and proposals.

DFMPProject is a protocol for proposing the creation of projects aimed at the ideals, needs and improvements of the Drayker ecosystem.

Volunteers' proposals, projects and general initiatives outside the DFM models or with their own methodology can be organized in this repository and community, in a creatively, free and independent way.

Decentralized Autonomous Federation is our temporary resource management system, which is responsible for supporting the development of main projects and the cooperative ecosystem.

Drayker is about creating these conditions, the right conditions for civilization to go further, create infrastructure, support, increase the scale, go beyond the best ways, integrate, organize, create and act.

Universal identity based on biological and behavioral signatures integrated with personal Dk. It is the basic structure for interaction with the ecosystem, all its secure and self-determined data.

The Project and Application Platform enables anyone to create anything personally or collaboratively. From problem solving to creating something new, with the help of Dk and collective intelligence, almost anything is possible here.

The best education for all.

Smart health with Dk and openscience.

Intelligent, reliable and autonomous value unit.

Physical and virtual distributed support.

Value management ecosystem.

Intelligent resource distribution.

Distributed Kernel

Intelligence Distributed

Local kernel %/* Global Kernel

Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Modular and Evolutionary Protocol

DFM Architecture

BSDK coordination

LCrypt security

We create and improve human, collective and artificial intelligences so that we can go further and gain new fields of vision, we do this for people, for each person, the evolution without frontiers of humanity and our end, intelligence is our means.

Base structure for system construction and massively distributed network.

Encrypted, evolutionary network tunnel that authenticates and protects the distributed computing system supporting the entire platform.

A parallel internet based on Dk, an integrated and unified distributed, secure, fail-safe and intelligent computing system.

Formally verifiable construction protocol for simulation-based meta programming, evolutionary computation, and artificial intelligence.

Beta - Info - Development

The Drayker knowledge base

Drayker portal

In Progress...

12019 - 12020 - Structure

Drayker initial

We have developed a model for formal collaboration specification called DFM, which will be the basis for cooperation in building Dk and platform.

Distributed Function Modeling - DFM

Distributed function modeling is a generalist method / protocol that structures data, events, and ontologies, breaking it all into small individual functions that are connected by synaptic functions called modules or modeling, which can connect to other modules in a distributed topology.

Reference Architecture

The reference architectures have been developed in the intelligence phase, in the structuring phase the architectures are formalized to go through the transition process.

Drayker transition

Drayker transition and the process of going through an opening to the world is when the volunteer recruitment process begins by activating the mass cooperation mechanisms.

12020 - Distributed Autonomous Federation

Embassy DAO

Public Papers

Keybase Advisors Teams

Deep Teams Secret DAO

12020 - 12024 - Engineering Dk 0.1

Base Structure DK - BSDK

Dk base system is an assembly data structure, which forms the basis for DFM, being the parent function of the entire function chain that forms Dk and the Drayker platform, these functions as the basis of a DNA, which integrates all functions and activation modules.

DNA Function Module structure

Function structure

Modeling structure


DNA FM language coupling VM

Programming coupling Kernel

Dk Network

A.I evolutionary structures


Living Cryptography